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no escape who put you here what's that voice i don't want pie! as you look around you realise you cant remember who you are its ok... you say to yourself then you here it [don't worry kal your body's safe] you start freaking out looking around you see nothing but a bare boring facility then you here it again [this is test to pay attention] was that all it seems so simple so basic you think to yourself why cant i move!!! [now i know your not used to flying kal but that's ok! its just part of the test] wait i can fly!?! looking around you realise you don't care about the test and just want to have fun test1228

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsuper yeti
Tags3D, Singleplayer

Install instructions

install the zip then open it

open test1228 and that's it

this game doesn't run on tablets!!!

also if you want to leave the game you need to hit ctrl alt and delete on your keyboard after that go in task manager and shut the game down.


test1228.zip 450 MB


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it's ok but the robot thing I ran into not even 10 minutes in the game is unbeatable plus there's 2 of them they are really broken soon as the gets fixed I like it but not the robot things 

i don't know how i could fix it i have the game files but no storage on my cumputer...

Ok but if you get the chance to fix it do cuz im stick cuz of it

trust me if I get the chance I will


the game works sorry about the bug

I'm not sure about that 

warning this is my first game so please dont be mean about it...

i hope you like the game :)